“Warrior Mind Power and Persuasion
Speed Summit”

March 23-24, 2013

Imagine being able to access the hidden powers of your mind to get anything you want…

Imagine having the specific inner and outer language patterns
(including what to say, when to say it, and how to say it for masterful results)
to influence and persuade with integrity, masterfully, and at will.

Imagine magnetically attracting the hottest soul mate of your dreams….

…Now imagine no further

Because it can now become your reality.

As soon as you sign up for this one-time-only ALL-NEW personal training event.

  • Who: Scott Bolan and Dr. Yates J. Canipe
  • When: March 23-24 2013 (with a special evening sessions Friday the 22nd)
  • Where: The Lodge in Durant, OK (right outside of Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX)
  • How Much: 397.00 for the first 12 people. 597.00 after that. You choose which one you want.

At this event you will also get personal persuasion goal-getting coaching from Scott and Dr. Yates!

You probably know who I am or you wouldn’t be reading this now. Let me introduce you to my friend and colleague Dr. Yates Canipe. You’ve probably heard about him as well (unless you’ve been hiding in a cave the last 20 years :-)

Dr. Yates Canipe (the man who revolutionized the men’s improvement arena by unleashing Ross Jeffries and his bestselling Seduction course on the world) will personally lead a session on the DVDs for all of those interested in

The SCIENCE of Seduction


If you’re thinking that Seduction is all about picking up chicks and getting laid, you’re couldn’t be more wrong.

If that’s the first thing you thought of, your thinking is in need of some expansion.

Sure, it works like a charm for that, but let’s not be so base and shallow!

First of all, Seduction is NOT Deception. Deception guarantees failure, if you use deception you may get temporary results, but eventually you will fail.

Why not instead have a lasting success that is the real thing?! Here’s how! And…

There is SO MUCH MORE to Seduction that it works even better for!

I’m not talking about sexual seduction….

I’m talking about Persuasion, Influence and the
Magical Art of Rapport and GETTING the Results you want to get!!!

Think about it, how would you like to…

• Seduce your Audience?

• Seduce your Target Market?

• Seduce your Group?

• Seduce your Circle of Influence?

• Seduce your Office?

Look, I don’t know how to say it any other way, so I’ll just go ahead and say it:


Want your own proof?

You will get to practice these drills live and then go out and see it for yourself instantly.

Thousands of people around the world have been helped to achieve maximum success in all areas of life, from business success to personal change, from relationships and romantic fulfillment to healing, thanks to the groundbreaking work of Dr. Yate’s and his revolutionary new “Beliefs” course

The feedback is phenomenal and overwhelming!

And that’s just “some” of what you’ll learn from the legendary Dr. Yates J. Canipe at this one-of-a-kind training (where “you get” skills that no one else has or even knows about… it gives you the Advantage!)

Now, here’s Scott Bolan’s coaching list for you (you will take these skills home with you):

1) How to Discover what you really want, Intuit paths to Victory and DOMINATE!

2) Confidence Anchoring – so you can always be authentically and powerfully confident whenever you want, whenever you need it (this one alone is priceless!)

3) Magnetic Body language and Energetic Influence (you will learn the “secret energy streams” known as Ninpo – the Ninja Way of Energy)

4) Ninja Self-Healing (this is one of the most important things you can ever learn)

5) The Martial Mastery Personal Achievement Sanctuary (I have only directly taught this to 3 of my highest students. I have never taught this live at a seminar, and I never will again)

6) YOU TELL ME. Yes, you will tell me what specifically what you want, and one-on-one we will chart a course for you to get it. You will take this home with you and start your new life as an Enlightened Warrior (one who harnesses and directs energy for their own self-mastery). If you don’t      know what you want specifically, that’s okay too. Being around trainings like this is more fun and uplifting than you’ve ever imagined.

7) Confidential:  ***This private teaching will not be announced or shared with the public. In fact, we won’t even film it for DVDs. The cameras go off and ONLY YOU and your fellow attendees will ever know about this secret skill. It’s so damn powerful I won’t ever let it out to the public.**

So there you have it my friends. Now is your chance to be personally coached by me and Yates. This is going to be one that you’ll be happy about for years to come!

No Free Bonuses on this one. You get power and skills you can use for a lifetime. That’s damn fine and good enough!

I promise you, you will thank me for this.

If you’re a Scott Bolan Inner Circle Member, email Tom at info@scottbolan.com for your 10% discount coupon code.

I will see you there!

Your Mastery Coach,



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