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May 17 - May 23


Straightforward Lodge

Durant OK



Ladies and Gentlemen YOU are an ENERGY Being FIRST.


If you accept that or even entertain the notion that IT is possible THEN AND ONLY then read On.


I mean do you know an elephant who has created a car; the dog is created a phone; a cat who's created a computer; a rhinoceros was painted a painting. The point is that you are the only animal on this earth that can create, you are a creator. Don't you think it's about time you learned how to use your power and then go out and use your power to create for yourself and for others as you choose.


One more detail on creating, you know about the five physical senses: seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting and smelling. You've also heard about the sixth sense. In fact there is no such thing as the SIXTH SENSE. You have an infinite number of senses depending on the energy and waveforms you generate which you learn to use in sensing the world.


I want to start by thanking everyone who has taught me their version or aspect of Huna and the Secrets of the Kahuna over the past 20 years.  Each had their own style and knowledge base, some wildly expansive others less so.  As you know having subscribed to my newsletters and purchased products from Straightforward Inc, my focus has and always will be on results, practical results in the real world.


All of my associations with Huna up until recently have been based on the psychology or spirituality as the foundation of the art.  Art is the key word.  My training in science was constantly tested.  Let me give one example.  I was taught by everyone of my trainers that Huna was the only method that would give a receipt when offering a prayer.  No religion or other method of manifesting would provide such a receipt.  They were right to a point.  It will give you a receipt.  The problem comes when you do not get a receipt and you ASK WHY.  NONE of the trainers could or did give me an answer other that the standard mumbo jumbo about not being clean.  Implying that I or you still had TOO MANY sins or feelings of guilt with which must first be dealt, whatever that meant.  I focused on the energy lessons and the fundamentals.  Yes, your beliefs about sin, guilt and shame can be in your way,  however they are not the reason you get or do not get the Receipt or “Rain of Blessings.”   I will absolutely guarantee you that you will FEEL the “Rain of Blessing” at this workshop and on DAY ONE.  And I will tell you right now that feeling the “Rain of Blessings” is not a guarantee that your prayer will be acted on and presented to you.


I will give you the Huna Master Keys NOW young Huna Jedi.


Energy Generation, Life Force and The Three Selves.

Let me say again in Huna terms:


Ha Beathing, Mana, Uhane, Unihipili, and Aumakua.


Learning the secrets of how these fundamental elements work together in BALANCE is why Sarah Eftink and I are writing a new book called “Quantum Huna.”


This workshop will focus on:


The Three Selves of Uhane (conscious mind), Unihipili (subconscious mind), and Aumakua (super conscious).  The function of each self will be described and how the imbalances are affecting you now with steps to change them.  Or how other peoples imbalances are affecting you and steps to notice it before it affects you.  You will be taught the importance of balance within the Three Selves.  You will be given a morning ritual to assist in establishing this balance.  Only when this balance is obtained can you then begin to feel the awesome power of I’o.  I’o can only be explained now by saying it contains the great family of ALL aumakuas.


The Ha Breath which is a very special form of belly breathing in which the inhale, hold, exhale and pause have a specific ratio whereby you can generate tremendous amounts of energy as a base for many different types of manifestations and healing work.  The Ha Breathing technique will be broadening upon how to expand to other dimensions of being.  We will also teach the method of generating different levels of this energy and programming this energy with what you desire in your life.


Elemental Breathing, a different category of Ha Breathing, which attunes you to the Elements of Nature.  You will be attuned to five elements with the first four being Fire, Air, Water and Earth.  The last will be reveled in class.  We could spend days just on this first three topics.


Mana being the Energy or Life force.  We will teach you how to generate mana along with the different levels of Mana.  Once this is taught, we will teach how to program intelligence into the Mana.  We will also send and receive Mana so you know how to send and how it feels to receive Mana.


Aka is energetic network connecting everything. It makes up 90% of the Earth.  Some refer to it as dark matter.  This is important because Aka binds you to everything.  Aka  cords connect you to your past, future, and present.  Through these cords is where you send and receive Pychic massages at great distance.  You will learn about these cords.  You will learn how to release yourself from the past that is holding you back.


Ka Leina which is the Hawaiian Method of Time line processing.  The Kahunas did it on the beach with a stick.   This is a simple yet powerful tool in transforming your life.  This line can also be programmed to represent other things like genealogy or past lives.  This is where I personally began to peel away the layers of the onion.  After this process, you have shed the past that is no longer needed, learn the lessons to prevent from happening again, and then essentially raise the vibrations of your Energy body.  This is Spiritual Healing at its simplest yet rapid form.


Ho’oki’imola – to cause an image to spin, twist and become unstable.  A very powerful tool which the ancients used to invoke change.  You learn how to play games with your Unihipili (subconscious) to invoke change from within.  This is fun and highly effective.  The work Sarah has done with this particular tool is amazing.


Ho’oponopono is used to create balance within yourself (Ho’opono) and then create balance with things or people around you which is the Ho’oponopono.  Most people don’t teach you the simple fact that to create balance in relationships, home, and environment you first MUST be in balance within yourself.


Kala is means restoring the light.  This deals with removing emotion and physical energy blocks within the body so the light can be restored to the body.


You will learn why the Hawaiians have at least 30 words which mean chant. We will show them all to you and go over many of them. This alone is worth the price of the workshop.


We will also introduce you to the many symbols the ancient Hawaiians used and the secrets locked within them.


You should be asking, “This is all nice AND how can I use it” I am glad you asked, here goes.  In addition to the fundamentals and the several very special Kahuna rituals or processes that will be taught and explained, you will actually do exercises to put into daily practice their uses.  The specific use for all the modern day wants, desires and frustrations will be addressed.


Are you running into frustrating barriers?


Do you feel well balanced but lack something to connect with people and relationships?


Do you really believe that you can gain self mastery and attain all your goals in life?


Can you focus on:




Aligning yourself with the universe


Understanding and thus increasing Self Esteem






Organizing to accomplish










Standing up for yourself and what you think






Self Mastery






Spiritual Understanding






Then Learn To Eliminate these “Roadblocks” That Stand Between You and Your Happiness Immediately and Forever. ... and You Only Have to Say "Maybe!"


You are about to discover a world you may not have known exists and discover the exclusive release of the QUANTUM HUNA.


You are now formally invited to become an Affiliate Huna Practitioner


The Quantum Huna World, can be your world. A world of peace of mind… of financial freedom... of health so vital it's bursting out of us... of loving relationships… of enjoying life — even in today's challenging times!


 A world where you discover...


• How to heal physically and psychologically


• How-to-Use the Law of Psychic Phenomena


• Quick 5-minute Huna Breathing and Visioneering


• Access past experiences... the future... and remote events.


• Materialize a new love, car, home, job.


• Strengthen your body's "vital force."


• Enjoy miraculous protection from harm.


• And much, much, much more!


 Let me ask some questions.


Do you want to take control of your life?


Do people envy you? Or do you envy others?


Do you want to form mutually beneficial interactions with all people?


Do people want to be like you? Or do you wish you were living other people's lives?


What are your thoughts on accomplishment, health, happiness, joy, love and prosperity?


Do you get things accomplished? Have you mastered the skills to take you to the highest level of success”


Quantum Huna explain how some people magically turn their lives around, even overcoming insurmountable odds, and ...


why some people who start at the very bottom manage to reach the top - rather quickly and almost effortlessly.   


When you know how to control the Energy Generation, Life Force and create balance between The Three Selves, you will come out on top. To understand how it works, try this:


Think of all the good things that you want:


 To learn the exercises to develop and control you energy and to move beyond intellectual understanding into everyday practical application.


To be able to harness your energies and be able to fully utilize all you capabilities


To learn and become a more powerful person and assist others to empower themselves to be free from guilt, fear and shame


To increase you energy output to enhance your charisma


To destroy all things limiting in the way of attains your goals


To gain Self Mastery


You know what they are, and you also have a pretty good idea what it will take to get them.  Now imagine something quite extraordinary. Imagine that you could suddenly reduce the time it will take to get all these things!


Not by cutting the time by one-third or in half— but down to a dramatic ONE-TENTH of the time once these techniques are mastered.


These seven days will enable you to accomplish in just 1 year what normally takes 10 to 20 years for the average person to achieve.


And imagine something equally incredible:  that you could also reduce the effort it will take you to get what you want — also down to ONE-TENTH.


Impossible? NO


 * Reduced the time it takes to heal.


* Reduced the effort involved.


* And, increased the probability of healing!"


So let me ask you a question. Why is it that some people have such incredible success using Huna, while some never get any results?


We all read the same books, the same courses, and practice in basically the same way. ..right?  NO WAY


Typically they go through some ritual and are basically living in their own illusion or worse,  in their own delusion.


 Virginia Satir was the world's greatest family therapist. She had the best success record on the planet. A couple of guys named Bandler and Grinder spent months observing Virginia and analyzing what she did exactly.


They figured out she always took families through the exact same process. She didn't even know she was doing it! Now anyone can easily learn this process, called the "6-Step Reframe." It is a simple ritual.


Virginia thought she was inspired by God... when she found out she'd been manipulating people she quit doing the 6 steps for several months. And during that period, her success rate went to zero!


 She went back to using those exact steps, with the understanding of what they fundamental were and using them deliberately... and she was TEN TIMES BETTER THAN BEFORE!


Now... Here's what all this has to do with YOU.  Through my several careers  from Air Force Officer, to High Tech Manager, to Venture Capital Backed Computer Company founder, to owning and running my own companies, I spent years and years not only studying the best, most powerful, most successful powerhouses on the planet but doing it as well and along the way gained lots of skill in Huna, NLP, Ericksonian Hypnosis, Pranic Healing, Psychic Manifestation, Silva Mind Control... to name a few and Huna is the only one with has in its foundation all of the technologies which are defined today.


 • The strongest power in your life, and how it can work miracles for you.


• The Key to harnessing your metaphysical power for controlled miracles.


• Your plan for creating a miracle in your life.


• Discover what is behind Luck is where preparation meets opportunity


• How to draw the love mate of your choice to your side.


• How to attract wealth faster than you can spend it.


• How to perform health miracles for youthful energy and longer life.


• How to know other people's thoughts and feelings from miles away.


• You can influence other people's thoughts and feelings.


• How to make yourself invulnerable to psychic attack by enemies known or



• Locating best markets, investments, opportunities, lost valuables.


• How to use your metaphysical power to make the correct choices every time.


 • A system for expanding your powers day after day for greater power, infinite 

victories, and abounding success....


To what extent? You decide.


Power carries your choice, obeys your request.


Electricity did not begin to work for man until he knew it was there. Bring a native in from a remote jungle to a city and electricity will not work for him either until he realizes that this button turns on that light and that switch turns on this radio. Your power is called MANA and Sarah demonstrates your power to you and shows you how-to push the buttons and the switches. As you do, you get immediate proof that you have the power just as immediately as the light turns on when you flip a switch.


You will make things happen. You will control your life. You can heal yourself and others. You will allow things fantastic things to happen magically.


* Change an unfavorable decision even after it was made.


* Magnify sex appeal a hundred fold.


* Inject harmony in place of hostility.


* Cause painful disease symptoms to vanish.


 We have carefully and dramatically put together the specific course you need to be a an Affiliate Huna Practitioner. This is important for the worldwide expansion of Huna, as well as your personal expansion of MANA, power, manifestation of abundance, and to be a guiding light to those all around you.


 In just the first 15 minutes YOU will be demonstrating these powers in many ways. If I tell you in what ways now it will astound you. But these incredible happenings will become commonplace for you by the time these 7 days are over. You will find that you can...


* Get as much money as you want.


* Read other people's thoughts.


* See through walls even miles away.


* Influence people to do your bidding.


* Reap a crop of good luck every day.


* Revitalize your health and postpone aging.


* Protect yourself from those who are "out to get you."


* Climb the social, political, or business ladder to undreamed success.


* Affect world events.


*Detect malfunctioning in a body and cause healing.


* Build an impenetrable wall around you to protect you from

others with malicious designs.


* Increase your metaphysical powers day after day.


 * Cause life energy to flow through your body for astounding endurance.


* Give you judgment to make the right choices time after time.


Now this energy can be harnessed by you.


You have had it all along, but you have been using it correctly only occasionally. Once this energy is harnessed, life becomes quite a different road. Everything goes the way you want it to. What you can "see" happening, happens. Now this road is open to you. You can begin the cavalcade of miracles...


REGISTER NOW or just pick up the phone and call me, Dr Canipe at 1-580-366-5820 to register for the HUNA PRACTITIONER AFFILIATE WORKSHOP this May and September at The Lodge in Durant OK.


And if you are a Member of the Huna For Everyone Group with Sarah Eftink or the Mastery Group with Scott Bolan, you get this $2450 training for only $1197.


Space is limited to 29 people. You use simple conscious energy. Whatever you desire comes to you. The reams of cash. The ecstasy of love. The power to control dominate, succeed.


Can you "see" it happening?


Then, you're very close to making it happen... REGISTER NOW.  Do you want to discover how to influence the probabilities of achieving the results that you desire? Do you want to know how to achieve a level of success in 1 or 2 years that other people may not even achieve in 10 or 20 years? Do you want more control over your life? More good things? Do you want to double or triple your income? Do you want to rise to the top of your field or organization? How long will you be satisfied with asking others what to do… instead of setting your own pace and direction? It's up to you. It's your life. Your destiny lies in your hands. Sarah Eftink, Scott Bolan & Myself, Dr. Yates Canipe can show you how to easily attain the life you want. We have helped thousands of people.

I look forward to processing your registration and affiliation and I wish you all the best for the future.



Yates J (Kala) Canipe, PhD



 P.S. — You are destined to succeed. How long will it take you? And how hard will you have to work to get it? Don't you owe it to yourself to experience it?

This is your only chance to become an Affiliate Huna Practitioner.


P.P.S. — By the way... I'm sending this letter out to every one of My Newsletter Subscribers and space is limited to the first 20 people as that is the Limit of The Lodge  so sign up.  When those seats are filled that's it… so REGISTER NOW!


PPS: If you went to a Straightforward Inc “Speed Life Seminar” or ever thought about it – Then this is for you. At Speed Life you only saw me formally teaching for an hour a day. Here: The Three of Us will be up in front of the room together and separately for the full seven days.




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