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"Who Else Wants To Get More...



Easier and Quicker than you ever Dreamed Possible!

Want to MANIFEST Boatloads of Cash? Want to Live YOUR OWN Dream Lifestyle and Easily "Get" Who You Want and What You Want?

All-New "Warrior Millionaire Lifestyle"DVDs show you how to Make Boatloads (while sleeping in), Turn any idea into Big Cash from scratch,Get Super-Confident and Radiate POWER, Have Hot Women Swarming to You Like Bees to Honey and HAVE MORE FUN Than You Ever Dreamed Of!



Dear Friend,


I can hardly contain my excitement!


            There I was in the Lodge just outside of Dallas, TX, at the home of the man who practically CREATED the entire PUA / Seduction / Men's empowerment movement, Dr. Yates J. Canipe. Even casual conversation with this man will increase your life force and power with amazing knowledge and skills that are second nature to him (it's effortless!) Then, GET THIS....


            .... He said a friend named Scott Bolan was coming to give a weekend presentation for a group of his Inner Circle Members. A moment later his friend Scott Bolan, The Master Warrior himself, walked into the room!


            Within minutes showed us how to do magical things other people only dream about!


            I'm not talking hocus-pocus theory here, I'm talking real-world how-to that actually WORKS!!!

Things like how to...


            • Make them want to give YOU money! (so much better than and                easier this way!)


            • The one secret thing that causes Markets to move (knowing this gives                YOU the advantage)


            • How to see into the future!


            • How to make them beg


            • Why they don't return your calls... (and a simple method to make                sure they will)


            • The basis of POWER and how to have more than you'll ever need


            • 3 Unfair Methods to provoke the response you want from someone

             - every time!


            • Why people think everything is bullshit (and how to stop it in advance)


            • The 4 easy steps to PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION


            • How to remove self-imposed mental blocks


            ... and more!


            Within an hour, one student jumped up and said


            "This is better than Tony Robbins on steroids!" (You'll see them jumping for joy and saying things like this for yourself, right on the videos!!) The Master Warrior is a Bruce Lee for the brain!


            First, he showed us VERBATIM, step-by-step and word-for-word, the key principle of POWERFUL Attraction and Seduction.


            No power means you're basically "limp", and it's why they don't return your calls. The Master Warrior also shows you how to get them to call you instead!!!!


            And then step-by-step, he showed us how to turn ANY idea for just about anything you know or can think of into a massive cash-flow, turn-around a business, and agitate for attraction!!!


            Yes, I'll say it again: agitate for attraction.


            Yup. Agitation is the Key #1 to stimulation and desire. Agitation is the "psychic wake-up" that MUST occur for anything fun to happen - sex, money, sales, you name it!


            When you know how to do this, and add it to the other 2 Keys (there are 3)... you BECOME UNSTOPPABLE!


            This principle is so powerful, so strong, so absolutely concrete drop-dead workable, that once you learn it you'll be jumping for joy as if you just won the lottery for a million bucks!


            Or better yet, a Pamela Anderson look-alike wants to give YOU a million bucks and be your willing love-slave!


            Do you think I'm kidding? I'm not kidding in the slightest...


You see, one thing The Master Warrior does is show YOU how



            These are the most powerful secrets I have ever seen! It had me saying things like




"Holy Sh--!!"


"Yes!! Yes!! YES!!!"




            I was jumping for joy like a school-boy who discovered a wallet full of hundred-dollar bills and then got laid with the hottest blonde at school (without even trying!!!!)


            Yep. That's how damn good this is and how good it actually works.


            Within minutes, he showed us HOW to actually DO amazing things like....


• TRUE ‘Black Magic’ Secrets to easily SEDUCE ANYONE!


• How to Break Down the Walls of Resistance in your own mind, in their mind, and


• How to "trick" your own brain into instant cash-and-sex empowerment (stuff
  that works)


            You see,


The Master Warrior is unlike ANY other Guru, Coach, Trainer, PUA, etc, etc, whatever you want to call it




            Because he knows what REALLY works and how SHOWS YOU HOW, he does what he says he can do, he's a friend to the end (he doesn't bullshit you in any way and is not an egomaniac).


            He's the real deal, and thousands of students (and haters) know it.






            People who are jealous if you make money or get laid. And people who are shallow, snickering, negative and envious people, and EMASCULATORS (those who engineer weakness and emasculation in men) hate him, because he's RIGHT-ON!


Think about it...


If You Stand a Fat Girl Next to a slender Smoking Hot Blonde...

...almost always the fat girl will "hate" the slender chick... without even consciously realizing it!


            Same goes for successful person next to struggling person.


            Same goes for positive and good next to negative and bad.


            Get the picture? Do you see what I'm saying?


            The Master Warrior is so damn right-on and gives such powerful information that actually works...


No One Can Stand Up To Him!


            Any honest person would agree. Truth is truth, power is power, and everything else is bullshit!


            Anyone who believes otherwise can enjoy their dark cave of paranoia, mediocrity and too many hours spent with "Rosy Palm"


            But for those who like truth, power, getting the real thing every night, and being Awesome-ized, The Master Warrior is FOR YOU!


            Now before I go any further, I also have to tell you that The Master Warrior has magical friends - you'll see them LIVE and they will impart magic and cash-increasing wisdom and knowledge to you on these all-new DVDs that no one has ever seen before! Friends like


- The Beautiful Magical Kahuna (she'll show you how to get rid of fear, doubt, worry, ailments, weakness and all of the blocks and negative self-images! And how to replace them with power and peace!) Her very presence and voice will fill you with joy and warmth and charismatic confidence.


- The Make-Easy-Cash-King of Foreclosures (he's making more money in THIS economy than ever, and he shows you how EASILY to do the same - wherever you live - step-by-step!!!! OMG!!!) This information alone is worth THOUSANDS - it's like your own instant bank account!


Yes, The Master Warrior has GREAT friends. Good ones are good to have, but GREAT ones are even better, because they


            Listen, in this day and age, in these modern times, it has never been more vitally important to be independent, prosperous and powerful. The gap between those who succeed and those who lose is getting bigger every minute of every day.


Now Let's Have a SERIOUS Talk about Money, Sex and Power




            The "sheeple people", emasculated wimps, communists and religious bigots will all tell you that "money is evil"


            And you know what, they're right: money is evil FOR THEM.


            Their feelings and thoughts about money are evil and negative. That's why they usually don't have much, and don't want you to have much either (remember the "fat girl" I talked about earlier?)


            Money is simply a survival power-tool, you can use it to get what you want and live the way you want.


            When you know how to Easily Get LOTS of it, you go from mere Surviving to THRIVING! The Master Warrior shows you "how" in very real-world terms, without psycho-babble and lofty theories.


            No more worries, stress or struggle when you're DOMINATING life like a Champ! The Master Warrior shows you how.





            Most of the Seduction / Attraction stuff out there is  is a good first step, but it's like a White Belt. To nail what you want QUICKLY, and really Kick Ass in life, you need the Street fighting Ninja Black Belt stuff.


            Does That Make Sense?


            The cool thing about what The Master Warrior teaches is that it doesn't take years of pain and sweat (or memorizing speech patterns like an actor) to learn to get "Black Belt" results.


            He distilled it down to street-ready methods that work instantly, so you can smash through the REAL obstacles (that are all in you), AND ATTRACT what you want into your life.


            What blew me away was when he said


"First of all, give up dating and the very concept of dating!"








            So I asked him, "If I can't date, then how will I get to know women?"


            Do you know what his answer was? (I almost HATED him because HE'S RIGHT!) He said:


"Dating is  a trap set up to drain you of money and energy. It's like a maze set up for mice to run through. Don't even enter!"


            The Master Warrior showed gave us a much higher, more fun way I'll tell you about in just a minute, but first, please realize that any relationship or sexual conquest will not "fix" you.


            Yet if you are already whole and happy within yourself, you can easily ATTRACT THE FREAKISHLY HOTTEST SOULMATE OF YOUR DREAMS, naturally!


            That's where The Master Warrior comes in with this information!


What would it be like if you knew exactly how to EASILY attract, seduce, and keep the HOTTEST PLAYMATE of Your Dreams, Genuinely and Authentically, without having to put on an act?


            Well for one thing, you would have a magnetic power to attract AND SEDUCE exactly what you want from others.


            Love. Money. Power. Fame.


            All of it?




            Some trainers out there teach speech patterns and phrases for this type of thing. That's okay, but The Master Warrior takes you to a higher level instantly - so you can Just Be Yourself and STILL GET the results you want!!!!!


            While memorizing and applying patterns and phrases is fun and can gets results occasionally...


            The fact is that you should be able to magnetically attract without ANY effort, memorization or practice at all! If you're memorizing and quoting rehearsed patterns, you're working way too hard, and probably "pushing away" what you want half the time.




            Wouldn't it be better to understand the Mastery Keys of Magnetic Attraction, without all the hard work and memorizing lines like a stage actor?




            Is such a thing possible?




            The Master Warrior shows you exactly how to make that possibility a reality.





            When you are Powerful, You Win no matter what happens!!


            When you are Powerful, you have "The Edge" in life - in every situation!


            When you are Powerful, getting everything you want is EASIER.


            When you are Powerful, YOU LIVE LONGER.


            I have a simple question: would you rather be weaker, or more powerful?


            You DO have a choice, the choice IS yours!


            Right now is you can choose to BECOME POWERFUL so you can...



• Take hold of your own destiny


• Laugh at the so-called "competition"


• Have "James Bond" appeal when you walk into a room


• Have them offer you THEIR phone number, ask YOU out, and BUY YOU DRINKS!!    (.... and they'll think it was THEIR IDEA!!!)


• Manifest MONEY


• Live according to your own rules


• The 3 Magical Ingredients to UNSTOPPABLE PERSUASION


• Align yourself with congruency for more power than you knew you had


• Make Life EASY


• Get a raise at work (or better yet, make more working for yourself... then it's not working, it's FUN!)


• Shed weight and weakness like Butter with a Blowtorch!


• Make money while you sleep and go about your normal routines!


• Have hot babes competing for your attention


• Appear and Feel YOUNGER and STRONGER


• Have them call YOU (no more waiting and wondering, but look out, they WILL call ALOT!! :-)


• Live Magically!!!



            The Master Warrior shared these secrets with us and taught us how to do them for ourselves, right then and there. Would you like to have the same skills? If so, I've got some great news for you: he let me film it all on DVD!


            Now you get these same skills to take home with you and keep forever. You can learn them at your own pace on your own schedule, in the privacy and comfort of your own home. The Master Warrior has a way of teaching that is EASY to learn and understand, Powerful and FAST - you learn quickly and easily with right-to-the-point instruction and demonstrations that make it easy for you to learn.


            Now hold on just a minute! You might say, "Ho-hum, some new DVDs."


            But that would be like saying "Ho-hum...


Your own Magical Wand to Get all the MONEY, SEX,
and POWER You Want"


            It's understandable why some folks would think that, because a lot of courses out there actually are ho-hum, BUT NOT THESE DVDs!!!


They'll are pure useful content, shown and explained in an easy-to-learn way so that even a 3rd grader could understand it, yet a rocket scientist would still love it!


No matter where you are - a first-day beginner or a kick-ass money-maker and Successful PUA who is rocking hot babes nightly -
you will absolutely LOVE this!



            And the great thing about it is, you don't have to spend weeks, months or even days memorizing non-essentials and routine stuff! Just watch it once through, then a few more times in the privacy of your home, and watch how people notice you've been transformed by learning these secrets!


        That "something different about you" will be the calm confidence that comes from knowing you can get what you want and have people clear a path for you. It magnetizes people. It happens to The Master Warrior's students all the time whenever they walk into a room full of people. Now that can be You Too!

Special DISCOUNT Price for 21 days only!


            Listen up my friend. On August 27th this 5-dvd will be released to the public for 495.00, but for the next 21 days only you get them all for only 247.00 (plus s&h) That's over-half-off!!


You get all the entire collection these hardcore Master Warrior LIFE DOMINANCE Secrets!


Plus, be one of the first 32 people to order get these amazing FREE BONUSES:


FREE BONUS# 1: The "Blacklisted Seduction Secrets" DVD - It's a Seduction Cheat-Sheet!

                                      (Works so good it seems unfair!)


FREE BONUS #2:  The "Live Like a Warrior King" 4-DVD set


These bonuses alone are worth over 600 bucks, but you get them for Free!!


Did I say "FREE"?


Yes! Order now get all 600 bucks in bonuses absolutely FREE!


            And your Satisfaction is GUARANTEED. We're so confident that you'll find these training DVDs to be the most valuable you own, we're backing it with a rock-solid no-hassle 30-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked.


I know you will LOVE this stuff!


These DVDs stand on their own as the most
powerful you can find anywhere.


            There's no way you can beat a deal like this! Don't let anything get in the way of your making a smart decision for your future. Isn't it time that you started Living Like a Master Warrior and Getting what you want?


Of course it is!


Order now and and your "Money, Sex, and Power" training discs will ship right to your door.


Order Now




Steve Richards







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