Manifesting Your Destiny

An important message for those people who desire to avoid ever asking, "is this all that there is?"

"The Secret to Manifesting Your Intended Level Of
Greatness By Discovering Who You Were Created To
Be When You Finally Grow Up. Can You Afford To
Spend One More Day Not Knowing
Where You're Headed In Life?"

"Be not afraid of greatness: some are born great,
some achieve greatness and
some have greatness thrust upon them."
--William Shapespeare

WOW!!! I said to myself, isn't it interesting that I am writing an ad on manifesting greatness and the Universe presents this to me. So if you were born great, don't read any further intently. If you feel that you should be achieving greatness and you are not, read on diligently and start doing instead of "I should have done." If you have had greatness thrust upon you and want to see yourself handling it and understanding why it happened, stay tuned. 

This course contains 10 Hours of Video, 5 CDs and a comprehensive workbook. That's over 15 hours of live and studio recorded material.



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