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From The Ceo

THEN NOTICE the AWAKE Difference as the HCT senses and cancels the BAD Electro Magnetic Fields (EMF) in your home and office. 

Harmonic Cancellation Technology immediately creates a harmonious environment FREE of worry, conflict, stress, depression, irritability, fatigue WHERE things go smoothly without struggle. 

Hi I am Dr Yates J Canipe and here is my own TEST and testimonial and why I chose to make this fantastic product available here.

The Comfort Clock – WOW what an understatement.  Let me explain.  A few weeks ago I received a call from Ken Lesser of  He asked if I would consider assisting in a new ad campaign and web site design for The Comfort Clock.  I told him OK and to send me one and I would conduct a group test at the Huna World Convention 2009.  The Comfort Clock arrived a few days later and I plugged it in.  During the next few days before the convention I could notice the difference.  I will explain later.  The convention ran 7 days, Sunday Though Saturday.  We arrived on Friday night so we could have plenty of time on Saturday to set up all the cameras and sound equipment and get everything set up logistics wise as we were in a brand new building.  We were the first to use it. I took the CLOCK (MORE THAN A CLOCK) on the trip.  The head of Huna Research Inc is Vince Wingo and he is THE MAN putting on the convention.  We stayed with Vince at his home.  I did not tell Vince about the CLOCK.  I wanted him to be unbiased.  I plugged the CLOCK in every night.  On Saturday, I left the CLOCK at Vince’s place.  Now at the convention site there were five of us and three of the site staff.   We took four hours setting up the room.  Remember this for later.

On Sunday morning, I brought the CLOCK in and turned it on.  Each evening I took it home and brought it back in the next morning.  I did this for five days.  During those five days the attendees were learning to sense energy and healing practices of the Ancient Hawaiians.  They had become experts at scanning each others bodies and had become very accurate in sensing old injuries and current medical conditions.

On the afternoon of the fifth day we gave them the assignment for all 24 of them to walk around the room and sense the energy in the room.  Everything except people.  We then sent them outside for a break.  When everyone was out of the room, we unplugged the CLOCK.    Let me take a moment to describe the layout of the room.  As you enter the room, the audiovisual equipment was to the left at the back of the room.  One ceiling fan was running to the right at the front of the room and had been running for the entire week.  Now as the people reentered the room, they immediately sensed a major change in the room and were making comments like:  “It feels bad in here (with a frown on their face.)” ,  “I don’t like the negative energy do you feel it” , “ Something is wrong”, “I feel sick”.   Some even took a few steps and stopped.  When others bumped into them and asked what was  happening, they simply said, “Something is wrong”.  We asked them to gather just inside the door.  We explained to them that there had been a Disturbance In The Force.  And as young Huna Jedi their assignment was to find the disturbance. 

They began wondering around the room looking for (sensing for) the disturbance. We just watched and noted the pattern. Everyone covered the room on their own.  About a third stopped in the back left of the room.  Almost everyone stopped under the ceiling fan.  Think about this.  Almost everyone picked up the energy from the ceiling fan that had before gone unnoticed and a good number of them found the absence of energy where there had been some before.  AND there is more.

Remember the setup day.  I asked Vince who was unaware of the test UNTIL NOW, how the setup Saturday had gone (the base line for this test).  He immediately said, “It took us four hours on Saturday to do a job that should have taken one hour.  We were all (we and the Inn staff) bickering with each other and since THEN we have had harmony and coherence all week”. 

So on the 6th DAY the clock was left OFF.  The group was given the assignment to work among themselves to establish food specialty leaders for a group lunch.  Each leader would be responsible for a lunch specialty i.e. Pizza, Burgers, Subway, Chinese.  That person would take the orders, the money and place the orders for delivery.  Chaos ensued.  As you can imagine, we were not surprised.  It was amazing how long this simple task took.  We plugged the CLOCK back in and it was like just as if you had planned a pleasant delightful lunch.  We never told the class of this last action. 

Now let me share my personal experience with THE COMFORT CLOCK.  It is mislabeled as far as I am concerned.  I live on 11 beautiful acres outside of town.  I have a new tractor and all the implements to look after this and other acreage.  Realize what it is like to have a large garden.  I say this so that you will understand that I am outside a lot.  There is not even a power line on the place as the power comes in underground from an old dairy next to me.  Also I am very familiar with electronics as I was a Master Electronics Instructor and was a licensed engineer for Radio Stations years ago.  I still teach harmonics in my seminars with energy demonstrations.  THE COMFORT CLOCK is like the BOSE Noise Cancelling technology for Electro Magnetic Radiation (EMR).  It creates a resonance NULLING frequency for 60 cycle and other EMR frequencies in its environment.  In my home and office I have a lot of Electrical and Electronic equipment from computers to HD LCD TVs to Audio and Video Duplication equipment.  I could tell a difference immediately when I plugged in the device.  As I am trained to notice differences, I could see the difference in family members and other visitors to our home.  We have a great place here and many often make the observation of HOW GREAT it FEELS to be out on our deck overlooking the lake.  Those comments have increased since we started using THE COMFORT CLOCK.  Can you anticipate what it will be like for you?


Think about how you would be more relaxed as you are choosing this solution to better sleep knowing this technology has been used for 25 years to assist others sleep better and all the added benefits during non sleep time.

It works with...


Just plug in the small, highly effective unit and get immediate results!

There is no need to change behaviors in any way!

Isn't it nice when good things are so easy to use that you might begin to think "this is worth DOING "


What if there was a…Doctor Recommended, Time Tested, Breakthrough Technology
that will SAFELY, EASILY, QUICKLY help you sleep better now!  GUARANTEED!

Advance Living - Recommendation

Renowned Harvard M.D., Dr. Eva Selhub knows the importance of a
good night’s sleep and the power of the Comfort Technology

Being skeptical at first is okay because
you can relax with our.

90 Day Money Back Guarantee !

until you too  experience this amazing product and
add yourself to our list of happy customers.

What’s it like when you…KISS (Keep It Simple Smarty)!


90 Day Money Back Guarantee !

Remember some good purchases that made you very satisfied…
When you are getting more quality sleep on a consistent basis,
When you are feeling better and happier with your life working better,
You won’t have to convince yourself that this purchase was a smart decision.

Now is the time to make an easy choice to solve the problem.


How does the Comfort Technology work?

Super Cell Thunderstorm

It’s like experiencing the rainbow after the storm.

Do you feel like your life is inside of a storm?

Rather have a peaceful, easy going feeling?

After the Storm


The downside of the world
of high-tech electronics

Your life before addressing EMF

It creates these invisible energies called EMF (electromagnetic field).  The bad news is that they go through floors, walls, ceilings and your body. The good news, we have the solution!

Advanced Living - Without Comfort ClockThis is what the invisible EMF energies would look like if you could see them.

What kinds of things are going to work better in my life once I am protected? 

Time for hobbies
Time for recreation
Time for fun
Here, you fill in the blank for your life after you're using this technology.

 It's as easy as making the chioce to buy today. 
All you have to do is plug it in and watch your life get better.
We offer fast shipping to get your life going smoother more quickly!

How is your life going to be better when you are resting better, have more energy and living without struggle.

Imagine that you purchased the Comfort Technology and are living a life that looks more like this:

Your life after you have addressed EMF

The benefit of addressing EMF

Advanced Living -

This is an illustration of the benefit created by addressing irritating electronic energy

Advanced Living - With Comfort ClockThe Comfort Technology creates an energy zone of harmony where you can relax and get the rest that you need.


Do you need more proof?

How long did it take for people to fully acknowledge that cigarettes are harmful for their health? At one point in time cigarettes were considered to "actually" be good for you.

We love our technology for the benefits of the "modern world" we get to enjoy! We want you to be aware of the "modern world" down side and to help you by letting you know there IS something you can do about so we are bringing this technology forward and offering ways that will make it easy for you to fit this into your budget.

The energy created by electronic equipment is like when your good friend is in a bad mood, they are putting off an energy that is difficult to be around!

What kind of bad energy is in our daily lives? What needs improving?
Let’s ask a renowned doctor how important this is, and
what you could do to improve your environment that will assist you?

Are you beginning to get curious or fascinated to discover the benefits of the Comfort Technology? Well…Guess what…we put all this technological power and effectiveness into a sleek looking digital clock.


90 Day Money Back Guarantee !

buy the Comfort Technology

Understanding what the clock does

Bad EMF Effects
EMF Efects with Typical Digital Clocks

Typical Digital Clocks

EMF Efects with Typical Digital Clocks


EMF Efects with Typical Digital Clocks

Harmful EMF's



Comfort Technology

Eliminating Bad EMF's

Guard You From Harmful EMF's

Comfort Technology Effects

Still not convinced it would be a wise decision to put this to the test in your life... Well, keep reading!



An advanced environmental system housed conveniently in a small digital clock!



Eliminating Bad EMF's

Rest peacefully


What Does the COMFORT CLOCK® Do?

Basically, the Comfort Clock® treats EMF pollution
Through a proprietary process (i.e., a trade secret) based on cutting-edge
principles in quantum physics, “software” is added to the micro-circuitry
of the Comfort Technology Clock® that enables it to emit an omni- directional
field of soothing, stable, coherent subtle energies.

Being around untreated EMF can be very aggravating and stressful physically, emotionally
and mentally. Much like helping a friend get into a better mood by giving a hug,
the Comfort Clock® reduces or eliminates the irritating stress of EMF pollution so powerfully
that you become wrapped in comforting, harmonizing energies for better sleep or
improved productivity and peace when awake.

The comfort technology is an environmental harmonize that is mitigating what several doctors
have found to be the cause of many people’s sleep disorders.
This is especially the stress that comes from living in a high tech world.


Electromagnetic changes in the environment can adversely affect the energy balance
of the human organism and contribute to disease.

We are surrounded by stress-producing electromagnetic fields generated by the electrical wiring in:

Homes and offices
Computers and video terminals
Microwave ovens
Overhead lights
Power lines
Cordless and cellular phones
Portable electronics
Electrical outlets

and the hundreds of motors that can generate higher than normal gauss strengths (magnetic energy measuring unit).

EMF's interact with living systems, affecting enzymes related to growth regulation,
pineal gland metabolism (regulation of the sleep hormone, melatonin),
and cell division and multiplication.

Exponential growth in background EMF radiation  “QUOTE FROM READERS DIGEST JANUARY 1980 200 Million more times exposure”

6 reasons to get the Comfort Technology



Calmer, greater clarity and focus

"Without a doubt, our patients and staff seem to be calmer and have greater clarity and focus."

-Dr. Amerine

Boost Productivity

"Adding the Comfort technology to my office resulted in an improvement of the functioning of my staff."

-Dr. Jack Stone

Overcome Procrastination, Inspired, Stand Strong for Myself

"I have also made huge amount of progress in my life. Your Comfort Technology Clocks have freed my spirit to the point where I have become inspired to stand strong for myself as a single mother and along with making some career decisions about which I had been stuck for a long time."

-Casey Crosse

Sleep better, wake rested and excited

"Since using your Comfort Technology Clock, my husband and I are both sleeping better. The thing I have noticed the most is how energized I feel upon awakening. I used to drag myself out of bed, now I get up feeling rested and ready to live!"

-Sandra Allison

Get more done

"The next day, I plugged in the third one and found amazing energy to tackle and complete a project I had just been complaining about not having the energy to complete for months. Wow, what a noticeable, tangible difference it has made in my life."

-Pamela Dawn

Balanced Energies, relieves Autism and ADD, Calm, relaxation

"I feel that your product will assist in relieving the children of energetic interferences in their environments, and perhaps even create more comfort for these sensitive kids, it sure has for me."

-Dr. Meg Blackburn Lose

Increased and sustained energy, reduces stress, improved mood.  More presence of mind on a daily basis.

"I never knew that EMF (Electromagnetic fields) drained my energy or increased my irritability and stress levels. Thank you so much for offering these great products and for taking the time to educate me on such important environmental issues."

-Jennie Ankney

Awaken refreshed and energized

"When you first introduced me to the Comfort Technology, I have to admit that did not believe it did what you claimed it did. But, when I tried it for the first time the following night, I was quite amazed. I woke up at 6:30am refreshed and ready for the day."

-Elder Craig McMurray

Sleep like a baby, awaken feeling refreshed and rejuvenated

"The first night I plugged in my comfort clock I slept like a baby all night long and awakened feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. I continue to feel wonderful using it and recommend it now to all of my patients who have trouble sleeping or who feel stress of any kind at home or the office."

-Dr. Lisa Temple

A good night's sleep without drugs!

"Using the Ultimate Confort Technology at home has finally allowed me to get a good night's sleep without drugs."

-Julie Pidhaney

Kids sleep through the night

"To our amazement and great delight when we plugged the Comfort Technology clock in, the problem with our kids waking up during the night completely disappeared. We are so grateful to find something that is so easy to use and that so quickly made our lives at home so much better."

-Hector Leon

Calm, peaceful, centered, PTSD Symptom relief

"I have been dealing with some very high stress factors over the past year or so and in the face have had health care professionals tell me that I was experiencing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Gradually, over time, since I strategically placed the Ultimate Comfort Technology Clocks in my home, I have noticed some major changes in how I feel. I have become more calm and peaceful, centered, better able to focus, and clearer in my thought processes. Instead of waking up feeling overwhelmed and filled with dread, I can honestly say that I feel happy again. It seems that I not only think more clearly, but am better able to communicate with others, even in highly emotional situations."

-Patricia A. Sommer

"My cat loves to sleep next to the Clock as well."

-Jennifer Wayland

It doesn't take too many vet visits for a sick and aging animal or one serious illness for your pest and you've covered the cost of several of these comfort units.

Customers keep reporting their lives get better.

Isn’t it easy to see why this is a product that pays for itself over and over again. If you felt this way, wouldn’t you be making better decisions?

All you have to do is plug it in and watch your life get better.


Sadly, we know so many people are tired and that it can be difficult to think about the possibility of living a better life with less mistakes,
better relationships, more financial success, increased focus and clarity, but we are inviting you to trust our experience and
the powerful testimonials from hundreds of highly credentialed people.

We know you are tired and we are here to help you regain some of your health and well being so you can get back to feeling better.

A simple one-time investment will save you hundreds to thousands of dollars on health care costs and these
savings begin as soon as your unit arrives. Special rush delivery available!

Have you ever had something very important to share with someone and you knew it was tremendously important?
This was something that they had to know about? For some reason they did not get it at first?

An Electrifying Hazard

No outlet, no cord, but it still energizes all these fluorescent tubes!

EMF Dramatic Effect

Dramatic Proof of EMF


No wonder it's harder to sleep with all of this stray energy!

The electromagnetic field beneath a 161,000-volt transmission line near Nashville, Tenn., is so strong that it excites the gas atoms inside 75-watt, 8-foot-long florescent lamps, so that the lamps glow without any electrical source. Many transmission lines are much more powerful, running up to 765,000 volts.

~ U.S. News & World Report, March 30, 1987

EMF Pine Tree

When might it be that  now is the time to lighten your load by investing in the Comfort Technology.

Our main objective is not to convince you of the dangers of EMF, more that we have a technology that
will make you feel better no matter what.

The Stress of EMF Pollution IS LIKE having someone slip rocks into your backpack without you knowing it.

EMF - A Heavy Load

Roll over image to see what they have to say.

We don’t expect you to make your decision to invest in this technology based only on these
highly credentialed medical professionals alone. Yet, it is comforting to know there are
several people who are informed about electromagnetic's and the benefits of this technology
are endorsing it and recommend that you put it to the test in your own life.


I know first hand how serious the "electro pollution" problem can be. Seven years of intense exposure to high EMF levels nearly ruined my life. Using high quality EMF protection products really turned things around. For over fourteen years I have dedicated my life to finding and offering the best in EMF mitigation products and other complimentary items intended to quickly lighten your load and substantially improve your quality of life.

Dr. Reese, a highly respected Chiropractor in Colorado summarized my turnaround, simply, when he said: "Personally I've found that if I don't handle a person's electrical stress it's very difficult to permanently handle their chronic problems."

That prolonged high EMF exposure (living under high tension power lines and frequent computer use) took what was a very successful career as a personal coach and stress management consultant in a holistic medical center and turned it into a nightmare that ended with my life nearly being destroyed. I lost my health, my home, fell into financial ruin, was depressed, confused, anxious, moody, tense and irritable, with debilitating chronic fatigue. My mind wondered so much, I could have easily fit the pattern for Attention Deficit Disorder.

For most of those 7 years living under power lines I went to top holistic doctors and health professionals for relief. Despite spending nearly $50,000.00 for treatment I had made little lasting progress and was extremely frustrated. Since I was going to skilled professionals, but not having lasting results, I began to blame myself, which destroyed my self image and self esteem. I'm so glad for these products, because without them, frankly I don't know what I would have done.


What others are saying about doing business with us:

"Thank you for your dedication Kenneth in continuing to find new ways to enrich and balance our lives in a safe and effective manner" Dr. Lisa Amerine

"Ken Lesser is a highly professional person in this new technology offering a high level of customer service. He is great to work with." Lisa Temple

"Kenneth's high integrity and quality products are beyond reproach" Dr. Jack Stone

"Thank you, Thank you Ken for your cutting edge research and products and your dedication to improving the quality of our everyday life." Pamela Dawn

"I want to express my appreciation
to Ken, for making my work place and
family's home more stress free"


I suffered from insomnia, chronic fatigue, anxiety, irritability, confusion and depression for an agonizing 7-year period. I can relate to what you’re going through, and I am committed to making a difference for you and yours. In my endless, vane attempts to stop the pain I wasted over $50,000 with high quality health care providers who didn't have the missing piece of the puzzle that was needed to bring the relief that I desperately needed.

Luckily, I found a doctor, who introduced me to this amazing, tiny, plug-in Comfort Technology that was the answer I had been looking for. After all the failures, of course I was skeptical that something so small and so simple could be of so much value. Thankfully, to be open to trying it worked out so well. Within short order relief was mine, and now you can have it too.

When you think about how much your sleep problem has already cost you and yours and how frustrating it can be when what you have tried didn’t get the job done, you don’t have to stop and decide to order this now. When you find yourself ready for a change, you get to the point where you want something that I personally guarantee will work for you.

Because for 15 years I know this works YES it’s OK to imagine you’re sleeping better and your quality of life is improving. By placing your order and being able to prove it will work for you, you won’t have to think about how much more your sleep problem could cost you and yours over the next 5 years. A few weeks from now, you’ll be looking back realizing you are smart to bring the Comfort Technology into your life.


An investment in this technology could be the best purchase you make this year.

90 Day Money Back Guarantee !

The clock is ticking….Don’t wait another minute!

Buy the Comfort Technology
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