Money Wealth & Prosperity
Trance-forming the subconscious FOR SUCCESS

By Dr. Llyod Glauberman


An HPP audio program designed to maximize your ability to become prosperous on every level.

If you don't have any trouble with money, wealth and prosperity, then buy everything in our catalogs NOW.

Can't you imagine being prosperous beyond your wildest dreams? You say you can't or can just buy this CD then you'll have money and know just where to spend it. You know what I mean?

So as you think about a time, say six months from now after you've listened to this CD more than a few times and look back on today as having been the start of it. How surprised will you be to realize just how much your financial life has improved and wonder just how much more exciting life can be NOW that you have discovered the source?

Using a multiple story telling format, MONEY, WEALTH & PROSPERITY takes you on a trance-formational odyssey where characters overcome their internal blocks and obstacles to money and create the necessary patterns for acquiring wealth and prosperity. These new patterns include setting goals, generating positive beliefs about money, being more productive, avoiding self sabotage, mastering yourself and tapping into your reservoir of personal power.

As you listen to the stories, powerful messages are presented to your subconscious mind to create these positive patterns for success. And the nicest part of it all is, you don't have to try to learn anything, the CD's do it all for you. By the end of 30 days you will have cycled through the program five times. You will clearly begin to see changes in every aspect of your relationships with money.

HPP is a powerful psychological technique that combines Eriksonian Hypnosis with sophisticated audio technology. It is designed to bypass conscious awareness without the use of subliminal messages. Your relaxed state of mind is ideal for the absorption of positive suggestions subtly embedded in the overlapping metaphors. They are perceived by your subconscious mind and lead to spontaneous changes in thinking, feeling and behaving.

It is not necessary to try and do anything consciously while listening. The changes in thinking, feeling and behaving will occur on the subconscious level and spontaneously appear during the everyday flow of your life.




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