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Comfort Clock

 Comfort Clock®

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The standard Comfort Clock® is called an "Advanced Technology Working For You In A Plain Looking Digital Clock" because one of our customers said: "It's like a Clark Kent clock with Super Powers." An ordinary digital clock with its micro-circuitry inside can be thought of as a piece of hardware. A computer is also referred to as a hardware platform to which software must be added to bring it to life. Through a trade secret, proprietary process using some advanced quantum physics theories and techniques, the micro-circuitry inside the clock has had additional software added to increase its functionality so that it becomes a powerful EMF conditioning and energetic stabilizing device. From feedback and testing done over the years, the useful range of this technology is from a 100 - 1500 sq. ft. area (i.e., a radius of up to around 22 feet or a diameter of 44 feet in all directions) through floors, walls and ceilings.


NOTE: As we know, not all people are the same, and the Comfort Clock® is not a one size fits all technology. Following are important factors to consider when selecting the type and number of Comfort Clocks®: amount of EMF exposure, home vs. office locations, personal sensitivities to EMF, overall stress levels, age, general health levels, career demands, difficulty and intensity of personal goals and ambitions, amount of EMF protection desired. EMF kicks you when you're down. So what could be adequate protection under "normal" circumstances might not be enough if things get more challenging.

For many people one of the Comfort Clocks®, Super Comfort Clocks® or Ultimate Comfort Clocks® in their homes or offices makes a noticeable improvement, which can take place when their use results in a substantial, but not necessarily complete, reduction of EMF stress. Lots of our customers have noticed compelling additional levels of benefit from increasing the number and/or strength of the Comfort Clocks® in their environments. You get a 90-day trial period with a full money-back guarantee to allow you adequate time to determine what works best for you. Click here to see the details of the money-back guarantee.

I wish for everyone that noticing that this technology is working were as easy as turning on a light in a dark room, which is an instant, obvious result. On a gas range you can turn the heat up to maximum instantly. But even though the heat is fully on, it takes a while for a pot of cold water to boil. The water on the hot stove is still cold for a while even though the heat is on high. Then the water gets hotter and hotter over time. For some it can take a period of time for the stress relieving, rejuvenating effects of this technology to reach a level at which the benefits become noticeable. While many are able to notice benefits in only a few days, most notice benefits in a few weeks to a few months. If at first you don't feel better, please be patient and give it time to produce results for you.

This compact (2" h x 6" w x 3" d), plug-in, digital clock with soothing yellow read out is ideal for home, office and for business or personal travel. You can also use it in your car with a 12v DC to AC inverter, which is available through many electronics and department stores. The Comfort Clocks® are not intended for use in the diagnosis of disease or other conditions or in the treatment, mitigation, cure or prevention of any disease or other medical conditions.

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